Organigram and Management

Management team


Pierre-Yves Loiseau

Pierre-Yves LOISEAU, CEO

Pierre-Yves Loiseau, after a few years in the banking sector, began his carrer in the oil sector in the Elf group in Russia. Subsequently, he held various positions in TOTAL refining and marketing in Asia, before becoming Chief Financial Officer of TOTAL France. Before joining SAGESS, he was successively CEO of TOTAL Gaz and Air TOTAL International.



Daniel BONOCORI, Logistics Manager

Daniel Bonocori joined SAGESS in 2013, with an experience in managerial, operational, economic & finance, technical (oil and construction) functions, as well as control and audits in national and international bodies.







Corporate Secretary and Chief Financial Officer


Board of Directors

SAGESS operates within a strict regulatory framework. The 13 members of the Board of Directors are elected for 5-year mandates. They meet at least once each quarter and represent refiners and distributors (from which the President is chosen), independent oil operators and hypermarkets.

Finally, three representatives from the main Ministries (Budget, Economy, Energy) are invited to the Board of Directors meetings.

Board of Directors

Pierre-Yves LOISEAU, CEO
Elisa BELLIDO-GONZALEZ, Urbaine des Pétroles
Karim BENBRIK, Carfuel (SAGESS Vice-President)
Olivier BOURDUT, Picoty
Hakim BRITEL, Bolloré Energy
Thierry FORIEN, SIPLEC E. Leclerc
Pierre LE GAL, Société des pétroles Shell
Jean-Claude MARCELIN, Worex
Marie-Hélène MASSE, Esso
Cécile POINOT, ENI France
François RANDHAGEN, BP France
Anne-Solange RENOUARD, Total Marketing Services
Alex TRUCHETTO, SCA Pétroles et Dérivés

Government representatives

General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF):

Alternative: Ginette ART

Customs Office (DGDDI):

Member: David VAUDOYER
Alternative: Frédéric MAR

General Directorate for Energy (DGEC):

Member: Dominique BARRIER
Alternative: Antoine ETHEVENOT

Operational committees

Operational committees play an advisory role for SAGESS management. Their mission is to assist SAGESS management in key operations and important decisions by analyzing financial and operational issues.

  • The Operational Management Committee is composed of six members appointed by the Board.
  • The Financial Committee is composed of five financial representatives of SAGESS main shareholders.
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee composed of ten expert members, with 2 meetings a year, with a view to monitoring the steering of SAGESS’ sustainable development initiative and to ensuring that the overall implementation action plan is globally coherent;
  • The Storage Committee, independent from the Board of Directors, handles all decisions related to storage contracts, within the storage policy framework, as approved by the Board of Directors.

Audit committee

The audit Committee assists the board of Directors to ensure internal quality control and reliability of information provided to shareholders and financial markets. It is made of three members from the Board of Directors.