SAGESS Environmental Policy

SAGESS’ activities in both the short and long term lie at the crossroads of two major issues for our company: contributing to a substantial share of France national compulsory stock obligation with products quickly made available for consumption in case of a national or international crisis, and committing to sustainable development. To optimise its long-term management of those issues, SAGESS promotes a dynamic, pro-active environmental policy for storage depots.

All of the depots in which SAGESS stores petroleum products and crude oils have already received a self-administered questionnaire on technical and environmental issues. In addition, since 2013, SAGESS has wished to promote the efforts of its partners and suppliers with respect to the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Finally, SAGESS has launched a 4 year audit plan to cover all the sites where SAGESS stores petroleum products in order to establish a diagnostic of all risks related on damages on property or environmental damage. This plan will allow SAGESS to establish a risk mapping of all its storage sites.

Furthermore, the SAGESS environmental initiative has been compliant with the increase in the volumes stored in the natural underground caverns in Manosque for years. An example of the successful cohabitation between an industrial activity and its natural environment (the Luberon Regional Nature Park), this type of storage in salt caverns can not only reduce the vulnerability of open-air facilities and the footprint of the storage facilities, but also reduce the risk of fire, explosion or terrorism.