Storage is based on access to available, efficient, well-located facilities.

SAGESS stores its fuel products in third-party facilities, in overground storage terminals, refineries and underground storage facilities.

The search for storage sites is performed through competitive biddings

SAGESS's storage contracts are based on transparent general terms and conditions and a tariff system known to the owners of the storage facilities.

In particular, they stipulate that :

  • the storage operator is fully liable for the quality and the quantity of the products ;
  • SAGESS disposes of extensive checking powers ;
  • the reserves must be available for any operator benefitting from SAGESS transfers.

The storage terminals must meet stand and logistics requirements, since in the event of a crisis, the reserves are released to commercial oil operators. For this reason, the proximity of the reserves, the technical facilities for shipping, and ease of access must ensure a smooth transition in crisis mode.