Throughout these three processes (supply, store and provide), SAGESS’ primary concern is to guarantee the existence and availability of reserves in terms of volume, quality, and location, while ensuring its own economic security.

Guarantee the existence and availability of reserves

At all the elementary levels, risk prevention systems are in place, either by structural arrangements, or by control actions.

The storage operators are wholly responsible for the quality and quantity of the products. However, SAGESS has the stocks regularly analyzed and audited by an independent inspection company. These audits are followed by disciplinary measures in the event of malfunctions. SAGESS has taken out insurance contracts in its own name covering damage to its stocks caused by accident. SAGESS regularly checks that the storage operators have taken out third-party damage insurance coverage.

More generally, through independent audits of their level of risks, technical security and financial soundness, SAGESS evaluates its storage contractors as part of its improvement and sustainability initiative.

In the event of a decrease in the indicators, the frequency of the audits is increased and the validity of the contract reconsidered.