Commitment in Sustainable Development

SAGESS Sustainable Development


Like its main shareholders (Total Marketing France, Esso SAF, BP France, SIPLEC, Carfuel...) SAGESS has decided to launch a pro-active CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) initiative as of 2012.

Materialised in 2012 by the signing of a Sustainable Development Charter, the initiative is intended not only to underline the management’s CSR commitment, but also to reflect SAGESS’ values and corporate culture. Backed by an annual action plan, the initiative also received the unanimous support of both the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors.

For SAGESS, 2012 therefore represents the year in which its CSR initiative was formalised and launched. Each following year represent an extension of its scheme with the inclusion of new action plans with SAGESS partners and suppliers.

With this in mind, and in order to optimise the structure of its CSR strategy as the foundation for the initiative, in June 2012 SAGESS launched a process to analyse the potential impact of the social, environmental and societal issues involved.

Based on a detailed study of different internal and external sources of information (stakeholders, benchmarking practices in terms of CSR[1]within storage entities in other countries, analysis of non-financial ratings, press reviews, etc.), the exercise allowed SAGESS to prioritise the most relevant key issues with respect to its activities, and build a suitable action plan accordingly.Finally, it allowed SAGESS to adjust the internal control of its CSR initiative, and identify the key performance indicators (at the environmental, social and societal levels) to monitor and report.

Finally, SAGESS has requested to all operators where SAGESS stores petroleum products to commit themselves to subscribe to SAGESS code of conduct and SAGESS sustainable Developement Charter. This commitment is monitored in SAGESS annual CSR indicators

These various efforts have been detailed in 2 special CSR reports covering the previous fiscal year :

  • SAGESS CSR report (published on a voluntary basis) which includes all environmental, social and governance information included in SAGESS annual report and the related CSR indicators;
  • Statutory auditors report on environmental, social and governance information included in SAGESS annual report. Since 2017, this report is based on a reasonable insurance.

[1] Corporate Social Responsibility