SAGESS social and societal commitment

SAGESS Social Commitment :

The reason for being of SAGESS is part of its duty as a security of supply for the benefit of the consumer.SAGESS acquires, holds or sells strategic stocks of petroleum products. These stocks remain at the disposal of the French state in the event of a major disruption or local crisis in supply causing a shortage or potential shortage.

These duties are carried out by SAGESS within a balance achieved by rebilling in full to the CPSSP the operating costs incurred by SAGESS.

SAGESS’ social responsibility also involves its commitment to provide SAGESS employees with a stimulating working environment. Since 1988, SAGESS has signed the UFIP collective bargaining agreement (CCNIP). That social commitment, which has been included for years in the company’s process for human resources management, today means each SAGESS employee can:

  • formally understand their annual goals;
  • be judged on their achievements, 100% of staff having been assessed on an annualbasis;
  • have access to the training resources they require to achieve their objectives.

These various steps are formalised in a systematic manner for all SAGESS team.

Finally, SAGESS also works to ensure the daily safety of its employees, and thus maintain a near-zero accident rate.

SAGESS societal commitment:

SAGESS societal commitment can be seen in all of the company’s activities and projects, reflected in its pro-bono work and long-standing partnerships.

Since 2010, SAGESS has undertaken to support the integration of people with disabilities through its annual participation in the Inter-enterprise Relay Race in Rueil-Malmaison. Thanks to the SAGESS team taking part in the event, SAGESS can underline its support for the Special Olympics France Association, and help it develop its activities.

An example of SAGESS societal responsibility can also be seen in its recent partnership with La Poste (the French Post Office) in the “Recy'go” offer. Through its involvement in this eco-responsible paper collection and recycling initiative, SAGESS has invested in a responsible paper policy, while contributing to the local economy and solidarity by creating back-to-work jobs.

Furtnermore, SAGESS has established an agreement with Paris Samusocial, in order to recycle in their favor all kitchenware used when meals are delivered to SAGESS.

SAGESS has decided in 2014 to support "La Croix Rouge" in its 2014 ebola campaign, by proposing to all SAGESS team-members to double their donations in favor of this specific campaign. Since this date, SAGESS financial support has been elected by SAGESS employees and went to "Ligue Nationale contre le cancer"in 2015 and 2017 and to "France Alzheimer" in 2016.

SAGESS, in 2016, signed an agreement with the Reserve Army, in order to give a favorable work-frame to reservist SAGESS employees.

Finally, in 2019 SAGESS signed an agreement with Planete Urgence allowing 1 employee to benefit from a 2 weeks "solidarity holidays" ; SAGESS assumed all the costs of the solidarity mission.