Contribution to fulfil the national obligations

Constitution, security and availability of oil supplies

SAGESS is committed to:

  • Making oil stocks availabe to operators on French public authorities request in the event of a crisis.
  • Ensuring a timely response in releasing oil stocks.
  • Guaranteeing availability around the whole country through an adequate geographical distribution of storage facilities.
  • Ensuring a secured and permanent financing of reserves.
  • Contributing to the national compulsory coverage.

Operators increasingly relying on the CPSSP/SAGESS system

In Metropolitan France, each oil operator individually assumes his stocking obligations by managing his own reserves on one hand (44% or 10% according to his choice) and by delegating the remainder (56% or 90%) to CPSSP which accounts SAGESS stocks. This stock level is thus mainly covered by SAGESS, of which operators can be shareholders. To cover their oil stock obligations, operators are resorting more and more on the collective system, whose know-how and efficency have been recognized for more than twenty years. The use of the system makes it possible for operators to delegate a major part of their obligation and to optimize costs.

oil reserves

Reserves of crude oil to end products: a French particularity

The strategic reserves managed by SAGESS are in constant growth and cover a whole range of oil products (from gasoline to crude oil). Unlike other industrialized countries like the United States or Japan which have mainly crude oil stocks, France also holds reserves of end products. Complementing European Union requirements, it distributes stocks in 4 categories – with an additional category to stock, jet fuel, as well as additional products in the French territories: propane, butane and GPL.