Operating activities : key facts and figures

 At year-end 2017, SAGESS stocks totalled 16.8 million m3 of petroleum products. They have increased by a factor of 9 since the inception of the company in 1988.

The volume now represents 57% of the existing reserves in France, across all categories, (64% of the refined product stocks).

It constitutes 75% of the compulsory stocks. The remaining 25% are owned by commercial operators (15% for their own compulsory stocks obligations and 10% available to the CPSSP).

68% SAGESS stocks consist of refined products, 32% of crude oil.

These stocks are stored in 91 sites.

With 0.8 FTE (full time equivalent) per million of m3 stored, SAGESS stands at the forefront of its counterparts around the world.
(Median: 4 FTEs / million m3, maximum: 20 FTEs / million m3).