Provide petroleum products


The strategics stocks, constituted in order to meet regulatory requirements, only make sense if they are backed by a crisis management system such that they can be made available to oil operators (SAGESS shareholders).

Crisis management is centralized: the use of SAGESS's stocks is the sole responsibility of the central administration in charge of Energy matters. In times of shortage of products for end-consumers, the government orders SAGESS to temporarily provide in a given location a given volume and quality of large-scale reserves to designated operators. 

The basic principle is based on tried and tested procedures known to the beneficiaries:

  • The product is transferred in tanks (under customs control, therefore not subject to taxation);
  • The operator of the depot makes its technical loading facilities available to the transferee;
  • The transferee, as a professional retailer, manages the removal and dispatching of the product;
  • At the end of the crisis, the transferee returns the products to SAGESS into the initial storage facility.

The management of stock movements is based on the shared use by SAGESS and the operators of common procedures and the computerised SAGESS inventory accounting system. The system, which is regularly upgraded and improved by experience feedback, allows the release to public consumption of reserves at extremely short notice.

In this way, SAGESS acts as a feeder when the usual logistics must smoothly switch over to crisis mode.